This Project was started as a group project with the intention to create a transmedia story for one of five real life clients. I chose to work for the UN since their goal was the most complex and the biggest one which caused my interest in how it could be accomplished. The general goal was to increase the recognition of the Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals were chosen as general goals that the world has to accomplish before 2030 to ensure ecological, social and financial health. The problem though is that although the UN defines these goals it is not only a task that has to be accomplished by nations but also by private persons. For this it is necessary to inform at least 2 billion people to ensure that approximately 1 million so called gamechangers will take part in fullfilling the SDG’s. The problem in this task was the variety of 17 goals which would have been therefore difficult to portray in total. Thus our group decided to focus on increasing the willingness of the people to act in favour of certain commomn goals. The general planning and concepting of this project have been done by the whole team as a group effort. Apart from that my main tasks were the research on graffittis as political and information medium, the maintaining of the blog necessary for the grading and as biggest part the creation of the website. This website was created to work as connection between all the media we created. The site itself should neither inform nor let the people act in favour of the SDG’s, it was solely intended to lead the user further to the different other medias. To create this website I chose to use Adobe Muse to get a first look into the programme. So far I did only work with either Dreamweaver or solely coding with Sublime Text 2. I was interested of Muse due to its intention of working with a graphical creation of the websites instead of classical code-writing. In the end I can say that Muse is nice to quickly create interactive mockups but for the full applying of your ideas I still prefer Dreamweaver. The website can be found here.

In the end our product work paid off and our contact at the UN did like the work pretty much. In a study-internal award-show our project has been voted both best product by our customer as well as by our fellow students.