The goal of this study project was to create a concept for a new product for supermarkets which does not yet or barely exist. In addition it was necessary to do graphical advertisement and a video advertisement as well as a packaging prototype.

I decided to create the “Gemakspak”. This is supposed to be a cooking package for people that love cooking and eating healthy, yet do not have a lot of time for it. What I tried was to reduce the time of choosing a recipe and shopping the groceries. The idea behind this product ist that each package of the “Gemakspak” contains different vegetables and ingredients needed for a complete recipe but does not contain pre-cooked parts. The buyer therefore can simply go into the store and choose a category that he likes without having to worry about searching for a fitting recipe or running around the store looking for the right ingredients. In addition, the buyer does not have to worry about the amount of the ingredients he needs to buy and that some of them could be spoiled.

For the logo I chose to create a mixture of a box and a tomato to show the connection between a handy package and the fresh vegetables that the package should contain. I chose to use green and red as colors to show the resemblance to natural ingredients.