This project was the first project in my study with a real-life client and was done very early, exactly 10 weeks after the beginning of the study. The task was to create both a game website and advertisement material for the Expedition Ruhr – Treasure Hunt. This is a trip in which Dutch people can explore the Ruhr area in Germany and especially the Zeche Zollverein. As students we had to develop a website suited for mobile devices in which the users could explore and learn about the area in a gamified way. In addition to the website we had to create both a flyer and a promotion video. I decided to create the site as a Quiz in which the users had to find the answers to the questions in the surrounding area or through research and then the answer would lead them further to the next question and a graphic would be shown indicating the graphics. Due to the reduced website coding knowledge that I had at that point in my study a lot of my ideas were not feasible for me.

The website game can be found here. Please notice that this is suited for the mobile use and not for desktop!