The goal of this project was to create mixtures of animals either with sketches or by combining images in Photoshop. Since I do not consider myself a good drawer but like working with photoshop I decide to use the second. In addition to the graphical work we had to give the animals a backstory describing their features and habital priorities. The combination of the animals was severely based on the quality of the images I got yet I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a new kind of predators. I especially wanted to use animals that in their original form are not considered dangerous yet can become dangerous when given new features. In the final presentation we had to present three posters with a new animal on each poster. Rather than just the posters describing and showing the animals I chose to include the posters into the story. For the story I decided to create a combination of the book “The Island of Dr.Moreau” by …….and the iconic movie “12 Monkeys”. In the background story a group of bio-terrorists called “Moreaunists” due to their ideological founder Dr. Moreau released a pathogen resulting in genetic mixes of different animals and an increased violence of these. This caused a catastrophy in which the modified animals started attacking thousands of humans which led to a restricted evacuation zone where only soldiers are allowed. Before entering this so called “Red Zone” the soldiers have to inform themselves and prepare against the new animals by reading the posters.

Since the Posters are not only displaying the story but are a part of it itself and are used as a warning I decided to use clear and strict shapes and to use a strong red color in front of a calm grey background to catch the eye. For the pictures of the animals itself I decided to not only use the pictures of the animals itself but to also use an overlay which resembles of a drone – HUD to increase the feeling of a military poster.

In the end my passion for storytelling and character creation paid off and resulted in the highest grade possible for me.